is a genuinely cutting-edge system set apart from our competitors by a number of advantages — primarily, our all-in-one call delivery and management package. Below, you’ll find a vast list of innovative, mostly-proprietary features that our network utilizes every day to do what we do best: reach local customers!


Web-Based Campaign Management: Real-Time Control

Using our web-based control panel, you can, instantly and in real-time:

  • Activate or deactivate your entire campaign,
  • Change the start and stop times for outgoing calls,
  • Change what text is displayed on the recipients’ Caller IDs,
  • Set the number of attempted calls per minute,
  • Set the number of simultaneous incoming calls your office can handle,
  • Decide what phone number(s) incoming calls should be transferred to,
  • Play back recordings of completed incoming calls (for training or QA),
  • Manage your company’s internal DNC list,
  • Set up an on-screen popup to show you when the system has accepted an incoming call,
  • Run real-time reports that detail every aspect of your campaign,
  • Get every detail of your outgoing calls by downloading complete call records,
  • Upload a list of numbers to call or select numbers from a nationwide database,
  • Upload a recorded message or record a new message live from your desktop,
  • Change delivery options,
  • And more!

National Telephone Number Databases — Accessible FREE

ReachLocalCustomers clients have FREE access to a nationwide database of ‘known good’ telephone numbers to call. Sort numbers by Business/Residential, by state, by geographical region, by area code, and/or by Standard Industrial Classification code so you can narrow down precisely the audience you want to target. (You must validate that your recorded message is compliant with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations and laws in order to access this database.)



NO ‘Problem Calls’ — We Call EVERY Number, EVERY Time

Our competitors have a plaguing tendency to return your list to you with half or more of the numbers marked ‘Problem Call’ or simply skipped. That’s because the US phone system allows groups called Incumbent or Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs and CLECs) to charge money for terminating a call into their area, and our competitors would rather not pay the fee. ReachLocalClients would rather pay the fee, because we would rather do right by the people who pay us. That’s you — so we call every number on your list, every time

Top-Of-The-Line Security w/Encrypted Network Communications uses 2048-bit RSA encryption for our Internet communications — the security standard used by government agencies around the world. Our network security protocols exceed the standards set by both U.S. and Canadian information security laws including HIPAA. Upon request, all data transmission can be set to take place only on encrypted channels where not even packet sniffers can get at the information being passed along!



FREE Call Recording

ReachLocalClients records every single call that comes in to your call center, and all of those recordings are available at no charge from our Web-Based Campaign Management page. They are available to you 24/7/365 as long as you have an Internet connection.

FREE Contact Information Emailed Straight To You

When a caller responds positively to an outgoing call’s recorded message, ReachLocalClients instantly emails your chosen address with the name, address, phone number, and call information for that client. Here’s a sample email so you can know what to expect.



FREE Call Transfer – No Per-Minute Charges!

If someone calls in to your number through ReachLocalClients’ system, we can transfer that call to any other number in the U.S. or Canada and have it connect with zero per-minute charges of any kind. (Exception: Customers paying for our by-the-minute pricing plan will still be charged our usual fee — but no external charges will apply.)

FREE Incoming Call Limitation

You may have an awesome service like ours making outgoing calls all day long, but you only have a certain number of humans to answer the people who want to speak directly — and our system knows that. You tell us how many phone lines you have available to answer, and our system will simply stop making outgoing calls when your phone lines are all busy. As soon as someone hangs up, the outgoing calls will begin anew — that way, there’s never a customer who gets put on hold because all the operators are “assisting other callers.”



FREE Call Routing and Distribution

Our proprietary call routing and distribution system allows ReachLocalClients to get calls to your people no matter where they are. Put together a classic call-center (or two or five), have your agents at desks at different buildings around the country, or even out in the field with their cellphones handy — our system will always make sure that whoever is available gets the call, that the calls are spread between available agents, and that no call goes out to an agent that’s already on the line.

FREE From Nickel-And-Dime Fees

ReachLocalClients is the low-cost leader of Voice Broadcast technology — we don’t need to ping our clients with tiny hidden fee after tiny hidden fee. Our contract puts 100% of your costs on the table from day one.



100% Digital Network

Every call you make goes out through fiber optic lines maintained by major providers like Level 3 Communications, Qwest, AT&T, and Verison. Our competitors use low bitrate Voice-over-Internet Protocol techniques that result in poor quality and get fewer responses.

Your Account Manager is a Dedicated Point of Contact

When you call, you won’t get passed around from Customer Service Representative to Customer Service Representative — when you sign up with RLC, you get a single person assigned to your account who will have all of the rights and access they need to make any changes necessary. Call after hours, and our emergency contact personnel might not be as familiar with your campaigns, but they’ll still have all the power they need to fix your problems — no waiting for a manager or getting bounced from department to department.



FREE Voicemail

Sometimes, you don’t want an incoming call transferred to a live person — or, on rare occasions, a customer that is already on the line will hit the ‘I’m Interested’ button after your last agent has picked up their phone. For those instances, we provide a no-cost voicemail box for your account.

FREE Automated Transfer Retry

Alternately, if you prefer to keep your incoming calls away from the voicemail box, we can also set our system to retry your agents every few seconds until a line becomes available. During this time, the incoming caller will hear hold music



FREE Transfer Notification System

At your request, our system can be programmed to pop up a page in your web browser any time a customer presses the button requesting further contact. The popup will give you the name, address phone number, and call details from the incoming call so you can be ready when the phone connects. Here’s an example of what the pop-up looks like.

FREE Do-Not-Call List Maintenance

ReachLocalClients understands that there are some people out there who are extremely sensitive about their phone being called — and for those people, we maintain different DNC lists. We maintain a company-wide DNC list of people who have proven highly resistant. Every account also has an account-specific DNC list that you can upload numbers onto or edit from our Web-Based Campaign Management page.)



FREE List Scrubbing

When you upload your to-call list, we can (upon request) scrub your list free of any numbers that are on the US FTC’s National DNC list — and (upon separate request) free of any numbers that are known wireless numbers. That will leave you a list of numbers you know you can’t get in any legal trouble for calling.

FREE Hang-Up Response Service

Occasionally, someone who has already pressed the ‘more please’ button will, as the phone is connecting them to your line, hang up. ReachLocalClients automatically responds by connecting the agent’s line — not to the (nonpresent) caller, but to a recording that informs the agent that the caller hung up, and gives the agent that caller’s phone number, allowing for a rapid callback



FREE Database Processing

Our competitors often insist that you upload a to-call list in a very specific format. (XXX)XXX-XXXX won’t work — it must be (XXX) XXX-XXXX. That space is important! Not us — ReachLocalClients doesn’t want you to spend hours poring over a list a million digits long looking for errors. That’s why our powerful system understands more than 85 different formats for phone numbers. It not only reads lists in almost any format, but it automatically scrubs any duplicate numbers, even if they’re written in two or more completely different styles. Then, to top it off, we can (upon request) randomize your list such that no series of calls will go to the same geographic area all at once.

FREE Unattended FTP Database Upload

Our more advanced users requested this, so we built it: our proprietary FTP upload system, so that you can automate the upload of new database files from anywhere to your system. You just log a computer in, set it to upload using whatever tools you’re using, and walk away — our system will accept new uploads, process them (see immediately above) and set them up so that when the next morning’s campaign starts, that database is in the mix and will get calls.



FREE Recorded Call Delivery

Again, a request from our advanced users who occasionally employ a third-party review service to maintain a high standard of call quality. Upon request, our system can automatically package up all of the day’s recorded calls and upload to a designated remote FTP server every night at midnight

FREE Call Announcement

Some offices handle a mixture of normal incoming calls and calls from our system throughout the business day. To make it easy to tell which is which, our system can, upon request, begin each transferred call with a short recorded message (“You have a transferred call.”) This gives your staff the chance to ‘get their work voice on’ and approach the call from the correct mindset.



FREE Caller ID Pass-Thru

Whenever a call is transferred to your agent through RLC’s system, the agent will see the caller’s information on their Caller ID — not ours. This works alongside our Transfer Notification and Popup Notification systems as another way to identify a transferred call, and alongside our Email Notification system as another source of recorded caller information

FREE Add-To-DNC System

At any time while talking to an incoming caller, the agent can press the ‘*’ — call it Star or Asterisk or Splat as you see fit — and the caller and agent will both hear a recorded message stating that the caller has been added to your DNC list. The call will automatically disconnect afterwards



FREE Multiple-Choice Interactive Voice Response (“Survey-Taking”) Functionality

With a bit of setup, you can use our system to ask a series of multiple-choice questions with up to five options per question, and our system will record the results and display them on the various notifications it sends regarding the call.