allows our clients to pay through either one of our two easy-to-understand pricing plans.

  • Per-Minute



    Per-Minute clients pre-pay for a certain number of minutes’ worth of system time each month.

  • Per-Transfer



    Per-Transfer clients pay, at the end of each month, a flat rate per customer successfully transferred to one of their agents during that month.

Payment Plan details

Payment Plans

Your payment plan can be changed whenever you want, so you’ll never get ‘trapped’.

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Per-minute payment plan details

The Per-Minute Payment Plan is the industry standard — and if you shop around.

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Per-transfer payment plan details

When you pay by the transfer, our system stays active during 100%.

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Per-Minute campaign options (All amounts in USD)

  • $150 pays for 6,000 minutes — just 2.5¢ per minute.
  • $300 pays for 20,000 minutes — that’s only 1.5¢ per minute.
  • $600 pays for 75,000 minutes — down to 0.8¢ per minute.
  • $875 pays for 125,000 minutes — a mere 0.7¢ per minute.

Both Voice Broadcasting Plans Include, 100% FREE:

| Plan 1

  • A dedicated Account Manager,
  • DNC List Maintenance including scrubbing for mobile numbers,
  • Automated Popup Notification of incoming calls if you have the web manager open
  • Automated Failed Transfer Retry if you don’t want calls to end up in voicemail,
  • Automated Call Limiting, so you’ll never have more calls pending than you have agents
  • And the rest of our long list of amazing Features!


|Plan 2

  • Access to our powerful Web-Based Campaign Management page,
  • Access to a Voicemail box for when your agents are all on the line,
  • Call Transfer Processing that ensures incoming calls are spread between agents,
  • Automated Hangup Notification that lets your agents call back mid-transfer hangups,
  • Automated Call Announcement, so agents will know a potential customer is calling,

|Plan 3

  • Automatic Recording of every transferred call,,
  • Access to our National Telephone Number Database,
  • Automated Email Notification of incoming calls including name, address, and more,
  • An easy-to-use Mark As DNC system activated on the phone, during a call,
  • Both HTTP and FTP-Based Upload systems,
  • Government-Level Security on every bit transferred via HTTP and FTP
  • Caller-ID Passthru so your agents will get the incoming caller’s information,