is a genuinely cutting-edge system set apart from our competitors by a number of advantages — primarily, our all-in-one call delivery and management package. Below, you’ll find a vast list of innovative, mostly-proprietary features that our network utilizes every day to do what we do best: reach local customers!

Web-Based Campaign Management: Real-Time Control
National Telephone Number Databases — Accessible FREE
National Telephone Number Databases — Accessible FREE
Top-Of-The-Line Security w/Encrypted Network Communications
FREE Call Recording
FREE Contact Information Emailed Straight To You
FREE Call Transfer – No Per-Minute Charges!
FREE Incoming Call Limitation
FREE Call Routing and Distribution
FREE From Nickel-And-Dime Fees
100% Digital Network
Your Account Manager is a Dedicated Point of Contact
FREE Voicemail
FREE Automated Transfer Retry
FREE Transfer Notification System
FREE Do-Not-Call List Maintenance
FREE List Scrubbing
FREE Hang-Up Response Service
FREE Database Processing
FREE Unattended FTP Database Upload
FREE Recorded Call Delivery
FREE Call Announcement
FREE Caller ID Pass-Thru
FREE Add-To-DNC System
FREE Multiple-Choice Interactive Voice Response (“Survey-Taking”) Functionality