Per-transfer payment plan details

When you pay by the transfer, our system stays active during 100% of the time you set it to make calls, and you pay only a true flat rate (not an average, but an actual flat rate!) for successful transfers. There are no per-minute charges of any kind under the per-transfer plan! ! Call anywhere […]

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Per-minute payment plans details

The Per-Minute Payment Plan is the industry standard — and if you shop around, you’ll see how our per-minute prices compare to other companies that offer only this method of billing. The great strength of per-minute payment is the flexibility it allows you in structuring your campaigns. Unlike the majority of our competitors, our per-minute […]

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Payment Plans

Your payment plan can be changed whenever you want, so you’ll never get ‘trapped’ in the wrong kind of plan. All of our amazing Features are available equally under both plans, and both plans have no setup, processing, monthly, or recurring charges — and there are no contracts that keep you locked in for X […]

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